AutoService AI

Ever wonder what the future of customer service looks like for the automotive industry? What about at your dealership? From EVs and AI, to an ever-evolving list of in-car technology, for most dealership service centers across the country, the future is now. And while the future is different, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt — especially with AutoService AI.

AutoService AI is an artificial intelligence digital voice assistant that can answer an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, route calls, answer frequently asked questions and book service appointments.

AutoService AI-enabled customer interactions, engagements and experiences elevate your service department to the next level.

How AutoService A.I. Helps Your Service Department

As consumers, we’re all familiar with the frustration of waiting endlessly on hold for someone to just answer the most basic of questions. As managers, chances are we all have a story about a disgruntled service customer who waited on hold for just a little too long.

With AutoService AI on your team, every inbound call gets answered, and we mean every single one. It’s like having a super receptionist who never takes a break and can handle an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, route calls, answer FAQs and even book service appointments. When booking an appointment she knows all your opcodes, flows your scheduling rules, transports policies, and delivers a consistent branded dealership experience.

What sets AutoService AI apart is the personalized customer engagement it offers. It’s not your run-of-the-mill automated system that gives canned responses. Instead, AutoService AI provides tailored communication, carefully engaging with each customer on a personable level. It’s all about creating a customer service experience that feels human, even when it’s powered by AI.

What does this mean for your customers? Lower hold times, less frustration, and convenient personalized interactions that get them the answers they’re looking for. What does this mean for your service department? Happier customers, happier staff, lower operating costs and better CSI scores — sounds good, right?

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