Automotive AI artificial intelligence digital voice assistant is seamlessly integrated with industry-leading service schedulers such as Xtime, Reynolds and Reynolds, and Affinitv.

How Can AutoService AI Service Booking Help?

AutoService AI Service Booking provides fast and convenient options for both customers and dealerships when it comes to booking service appointments. Integrating AutoService AI with your service scheduler or Dealer Management System makes scheduling service easier for the customer while simultaneously reducing your dealership’s staffing costs, increasing service bookings and improving customer satisfaction.

How AutoService AI Helps Your Customers

Using AutoService AI, customers book a service appointment in less than a minute without ever being placed on hold. Not only does this save customers time, but it also eliminates the frustration felt by customers when dealing with touch-tone menus or waiting for a human to pick up the phone. AutoService AI answers on the first ring — every time!

Another great feature of AutoService AI is that it quickly identifies known customers and their vehicles via phone number recognition, delighting customers and providing personalized experiences.

How AutoService AI Helps Your Dealership

On the dealership end, AutoService AI frees up your employees from handling inbound calls, allowing more time to be spent helping customers in your dealership.

Service Schedulers AutoService AI Supports

AutoService AI currently supports a wide range of schedulers and DMS, including:


  • CDK
  • Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Tekion

Service Schedulers

  • Xtime
  • Affinitiv
  • myKaarma
  • Update Promise

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